Digital Marketing to Help Your Business  

Thrive, Survive & Grow


We offer a full range of Digital Services to improve the online presence of businesses, from start ups to sole traders to medium sized enterprises.  


Our services  include: Website Design and  Development, SEO, Paid Advertising, Content Generation and much more. 



We are able to offer a range of Digital Marketing Coaching and Training solutions. Not sure what Digital Marketing your business needs or where to start, let us help.

We work through your Digital Marketing with you, training you as we go. 



 To support our clients in promote their websites and their businesses we offer a range of copy writing and content generation services. 


We are able to write compelling content to promote your business services or we can research and produce articles, blogs and papers to meet your business need.

Formula 1 Digital (F1D) was founded in 2017 by Matthew Dickinson. With an ambition to help businesses promote themselves, Matthew engaged with local businesses around the Bristol and Bath area to understand where their needs and concerns lay. These organisations were typically small, turning over in the region of £1M p/a. They would typically have a website, but would rarely attract customers through their website. All had objectives and capacity to grow, although some were on the edge of collapse. Formula 1 Digital started by offering these businesses a tailored package of digital marketing services to help them thrive, survive and grow online.


There are many other organisations offering digital marketing and F1D is competing against big recognisable names.  Matthew brings a unique selling point to his customers, and that is his personable approach, wide breadth of expertise and ability to help with a range of problems and challenges.  During regular client visits he provides 1 to 1 support and guidance, adjusting the services that he provides to meet the changing demands on his clients business - from start ups to sole traders to small and medium sized enterprises.  

Testimonies demonstrate the value of these services with significant increase in sales and perhaps more telling, businesses which have left for whatever reason, coming back a few months later when sales slump.  

To find out more about our services and how we can help your business please get in contact.